My account

The My Account page on Viste360’s website is a dedicated section that provides registered users with access to personalized account management features and tools. This page serves as a central hub where users can view and manage their account details, preferences, and interactions with Viste360’s platform.

When users access the My Account page, they are presented with a secure and user-friendly interface that allows them to conveniently navigate through their account-related information and perform various actions.

Key features and components typically found on the My Account page of Viste360 include:

1. Profile Information: The My Account page displays the user’s profile information, including their name, contact details, and any other relevant information provided during registration. Users can review and update their profile information as needed, ensuring that their account details remain accurate and up to date.

2. Account Settings: This section allows users to customize their account settings according to their preferences. Users can manage notification preferences, language settings, and privacy options. They may also have the option to set preferences related to their virtual tours, such as default settings for tour creation or sharing.

3. Billing and Payment: The My Account page provides users with access to their billing and payment information. Users can view invoices, update payment methods, and manage subscription plans or payment details. This section ensures transparency and convenience for users to handle their financial transactions with Viste360.

4. Order History: Users can review their order history on the My Account page. This section displays a record of past purchases or transactions made on the platform. Users can access details of their virtual tour purchases, any add-ons or upgrades, and related invoices or receipts.

5. Support and Help Center: The My Account page typically includes access to customer support and a help center. Users can find assistance through FAQs, tutorials, or submit support tickets for any technical or account-related inquiries. This section provides users with a resourceful way to seek assistance and resolve any issues they may encounter.

6. Activity and Engagement: The My Account page may display a summary of the user’s activity and engagement with Viste360’s platform. This can include information such as the number of virtual tours created, the number of views or interactions received, or any relevant engagement metrics. It allows users to track their progress and assess the impact of their virtual tours.

7. Account Security: Viste360 prioritizes account security, and the My Account page may include options to manage account security settings. This can include options for changing passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, or reviewing login activity to ensure the account remains protected.

The My Account page of Viste360 provides registered users with a centralized location to manage their account details, preferences, and engagement with the platform. By offering features such as profile information, account settings, billing and payment management, order history, support resources, and activity tracking, Viste360 ensures that users have a seamless and personalized experience within their account ecosystem.

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